4 Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions

Dominique Davis

Posted on September 21 2019

4 Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions


Are you a little skeptical about buying hair extensions? No worries, weare here to help you with your decision, and we'll do that by highlighting 4 main reasons why we think you should consider hair extensions. 

 Before we start, note that besides being known for adding volume and length; you can do much more with hair extensions. Did you ever consider using them to experiment with color, or hide a bad hair-cut, or even change your current look? If not, now may be the perfect time to consider them! 

Here are our top 4 reasons why hair extensions are worth investing in!

  1. Length


Have you ever asked yourself: “Why won’t my hair grow past a certain length?” Well, it happens at a natural pace, so you literally can’t do anything about it. Even though many supplements and hair products can stimulate hair growth, the truth is, their help is not limited. The real problem with hair growth is that lots of ladies simply just can’t grow their hair past a certain point. It appears to be such a common event that no one can explain. However, you can simply change this problem now with hair extensions. Hair extensions give you the power to get whatever length you want and get it installed in a matter of minutes. These extensions also come in many different textures, so finding one that matches your hair won't be a problem.


  1. No Damage

Hair extensions are 100% safe if you do them right and follow the advice of professionals. These additions are so easy to use and have many good pros about them. One example of a type of hair extension is called a "sew-in", and they are popular among women. They are seen to be well-liked because sew-ins are easy to maintain, last longer, and are proven to help grow your hair. Another easy way to use extensions is clip-on's. You will first see the procedure from a hair pro, and from there on you’ll be able to use them at home.  All you have to do is put them on and take them out whenever you want. Therefore, hair extensions are the safest way to change your hair length, hide a bad haircut, and so much more. Even if you wear them every single day, there will be no signs of hair loss, thinning, or any other symptoms. They are completely safe for all ages and hair types.

3. Color

Forget about hair coloring and bleaching. We have another strong reason to wear hair extensions. Have you ever wanted to experiment with different colors in your hair, but you’re worried it may damage

your hair? Or you're afraid it will look bad? During the last few years, it

seemed that everyone wanted to experiment with different shades. Thanks to extensions your dream can now become true without causing any harm to your hair. Hair extensions, however, make this process simple and easy for you -you can play around with different colors, and finally, try out those highlights/lowlights you’ve been itching towards. All that without having to worry about the long-term commitment. If you don’t like the results, you can simply take them out of your hair. 

  1. Style


Hair extensions are always a great way to spice up your look for a wedding, graduation - basically any and every special occasion! Achieve those dream voluminous curls, or get a long luscious look. Hair extensions will help you reach those #hairgoals you’ve been envying.

Hair extensions instantly make any hairstyle more beautiful and interesting. With the additional length, volume, and even pop of color to your hair, you can easily make any simple hairstyle more voluminous and intricate. The options are endless!

Honestly, the best thing about extensions is that you get options – you can have short hair one day and then long hair with big voluminous curls the next without the painful wait of growing your hair out or losing your hair. Always stay Nu with a different hair color, length, and style thanks to hair extensions. 

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