Bossing it Up

Dominique Davis

Posted on November 17 2018

Bossing it Up


Being a boss looks fun and easy but honestly it’s hard to be the boss or to even boss yourself up.  Being a boss is to be in charge which means changing your life. Your mind has to believe it. You must plan, do the work, then apply the pressure to yourself when you feel the need to quit or give up. Bossing up is mainly about growth, accomplishments, and self love. It can help you in your personal and business life.

What do you need to self improve ?

When answering this question think about: your goals, dreams, the way you dress, your energy, and the company you keep.  Bossing up is apart of growth. You have to be willing to change anything that is blocking you from achieving your goal and growing.

I often get questions like, what made you want to be a boss or boss up? Well since I was young I knew I would become someone in life and always wanted more for myself. I never wanted to work for anyone, I was always the bossy type. It started with me taking control over the house when my mother was at work. She was always working so I was always in charge. As I got older I realized I wanted my own business but multiple ones. I tried working for fast food places but I always ended up quitting. It just wasn’t me. I realized I like being in charged of how much I make and my everyday schedule. So, I started my first business, Nu’Nique Hair. In this process there were times I lacked confidence with myself and my business. I didn’t like that feeling so I thought myself out of it.

How did I boss up?

First, I imagined myself in my dreams with everything I wanted and who I wanted to be. You must see the vision before it actually happens. If you can see it you can achieve it. After seeing my vision in my head, I started to plan using steps on how I was going make this work.  I thought about things I needed to improve to help reach my dreams/goals. Do you spend to much time on social media or texting? Are you thinking negative or have negative people around you? Are you saving, and educating yourself on your craft? These little things can stop you from achieving your goals.

Then, I realized I needed to improve myself. I started looking at the way I carried myself. I knew I needed to be more open and welcoming. People always looked at me as if I was mean, arrogant, and unfriendly. So I started talking more, reaching out to people, and smiling more. I also learned the people around me affect how others looked at me, and their energy wasn’t right for who I was trying to become. Negative energy can knock your focus and will grow onto you. Sometimes you have to cut out people in your life. No matter if it’s your brother, sister, best friend, or one of your parents, negativity has to be removed. Once that was done, I started reading more and setting weekly goals I knew I could achieve. If I couldn’t achieve it that week, I would break it down into smaller goals that were feasible for myself. Besides good energy, setting and achieving goals, and the way you carry yourself, do you love yourself? Loving yourself is apart of bossing up. When you love yourself you can achieve anything!  I learned this the hard way. I was always making sure everyone I loved was happy and satisfied but never myself. After being let down multiple times I started to find a way to love myself. I distanced myself from some and worked on the things that I disliked. I started eating healthy, taking better care of my skin and hair, working out, reading books , and just spending more quality time with myself to learn myself. All these things seem simple to change and achieve but you must want it and stay consistent. Map out certain concerns you will do differently. It’s ok to fail at what you’re trying to change. That’s all apart of it. Sometimes you have to repeat the same mistake over and over again to overcome but don’t quit. Keep going.

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  • Jamie Rauls: April 15, 2019

    Your a beautiful soul. Thank you for shinning your light for others to see. Many continued blessings! May your cup run over❤️

  • EL’Tonique : November 17, 2018

    Friend i am so proud of you , knowing you all these years and watching you progress it’s amazing! From them Wilson days till now look who you’ve become keep it up girl! love you boss lady❤️

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